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Are you looking for Microsoft Office Frontpage 2003?
I used to use Front Page for designing my websites.  However, Microsoft discontinued the Frontpage brand name and software.  They have replaced Frontpage with Microsoft Expression.  I am currently using version 4 (Microsoft Expression Web 4) and I love it!  It is easy to learn, very robust, and intuitive.  I maintain over 200 websites using this software.

If you have used Front Page in the past for your website design, I think you will enjoy the new expression software.  The learning curve is minimal - yet the software has the capability lay in css, write in php, frames, etc.  Like the older program - it is easy to toggle between a design screen or an "edit code" screen.  You can also split the screen, with design on the bottom and the code visible in a window above.  I also like the browser preview options.  Inserting and formating tables is also very easy.

It is possible you found this page because you were searching for the best price for Microsoft Frontpage 2003.  I think you will be pleased at the pricing available for Microsoft's new answer to web design.  Click on the yellow button above to search the web for the best deal for Microsoft Expression Web 4.  You may also be able find a free download trial - so that you can try before you buy.

If you happen to own any of Bill Gates software already, your best bet may be purchasing the "upgrade" (this is what I did).  Even if you just own Office 2007 or 2010 - you can get Expression as a fully functioning upgrade.  I also like the new "wallet" feature at the Microsoft store.  I had to purchase this upgrade because I lost my original installation cds and then my computer crashed.  I won't have that problem again because my transaction is stored online at the store.

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